Training Schedule of Rates



Training Schedule of Rates

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Traffic Management Design Training.

To attend your offices to provide the following training services listed below. These are module day based courses that can be taken in whole or, depending on the candidate previous experience, taken individually. As you read through the modules each leads into each other, developing the skills of the person to enable them to develop a traffic management design. The course is intended for a maximum of six candidates. Each candidate will be provided with their own set of course notes and handouts along with, in module 2 and module 3, a laptop will be provided for each candidate to use, until the end of the course, to follow the instructions from an overhead projection from the tutor.


Module 1: Developing a Temporary Traffic Management Design Plan

  • Health and Safety: responsibility of both the employer and the employee.
  • Documentation from client to contractor: specific traffic management appendixes 1/13, 1/17, 1/18, 1/20.
  • Planning: development of a health and safety plan.
  • Site Visits: information to be collected to allow appropriate traffic management for both contractor and traveling public.
  • Pre Design Risk and Hazard Assessment: recording the hazards on site leading to the reasons why the traffic management is designed in a specific way.
  • Chapter 8: explanation into this and associated documents.
  • Design: example of the process along with a visual example of using Auto-Cad Cones 7 traffic management design package.
  • Method Statements/Risk Assessment: how to write and the content which these documents should contain.
  • Programme: can the installation, switch and removal be completed within the time allocated.
  • Training: City and Guilds through to Sector Schemes 12A, 12B, 12C and 12D.
  • Documentation to client from contractor: traffic management plan, Quality plan, design drawings, method statements / risk assessments, insurance documentation and CV and training records of site personnel.
  • Documentation for Operatives: job pack, drawings and design, daily record sheets, defect sheets, traffic count forms, permission to work, incident forms.
  • Good Working Practices: industry standards along with national documentation available giving advice.

Module 2: Introduction into Auto-Cad and Cone 7 Temporary Traffic Management Design System.

An introduction into the basic commands and the use of icon shortcuts of Auto-Cad, that is relevant to the production of traffic management designs. This will include a full in-depth practical in the use of the Cones 7 package with all candidates on a laptop. Topics included will cover inserting schematic traffic management blocks to schematic specific design and finally touching on designing to scale using Ordnance Survey information.  At the end of the day the candidates will have a basic knowledge and, coupled with module 1, the site information to design traffic management.


Module 3: Temporary Traffic Management design practical.

A practical day putting the knowledge already acquired in module 1 and module 2 into practice. This will include candidates receiving a written brief/traffic management plan that is applicable to their type of traffic management from street-works through to high-speed and scale if required. From this the candidates will complete a design on their own individual laptop.  This will be completed with guidance/assistance available from our team to enable them to overcome any practical/technical problems they might encounter during this exercise.

Each candidate will also be issued with a certificate for their Continued Professional Development portfolio on completion of each module, if required.

Additional Expenses

Reasonable expenses to include mileage, car parking and hotel accommodation.  One function room will also be needed for training purposes and, if this is unable to be supplied by yourselves, associated costs will also be counter charged to you.   Catering charges for the day if required. These will be recharged at cost and a quotation can be arranged at the time of booking.


For more information, including prices, please feel free to contact us.


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